Economy Hardcore Kitpvp Pvp Survival


SinePvP is a KitPvP Server! With all around great features, not only is there a skill-based kit gameplay, but also a feature to duel your friends, crates that a player can open, and a balanced in-game economy! Check us out!

Pve Pvp Survival


A MC server for friends to chill and vibe in, if you are looking for to make friends, or find friends to play with this is the server for you!

Economy Mcmmo Pve Pvp Survival Vanilla

void phoenix

Void Phoenix
Server IP:
We are a Survival Server like no other, with a vast unexplored world, Seasonal Crates to be bought from our store, and a Bounty system meaning your never 100% safe.
We have a professional and Experienced staff allowing a happy experience

– Wind
– mcMMO
– A Minecraft World like no other
– Auction House to sell items!
– Earn money by Collecting bounties
– Vote daily to earn rewards in-game!
– and much more to discover

Economy Pvp Survival Towny


Vanity Craft is a towny war/pvp server with a twist to it. On this server you will be introduced to 100% custom plugins such as “Mystical Gear” which is effect inducing armour/weapons, and many more exotic plugins built from scratch! Time and dedication was put into this server to give players like you a unique experience that will stand out in your memory as something “different”! We listen to our player base because this server is supported by players like you! Come join the adventure today at!


Kogo Network

Kogo Network Türkiye’nin Faction sunucusu haydi sen de aramıza katıl ! 1.8 – 1.15

Faction Pvp

Mythology MC

Mythology MC offers a wide variety of special aspects to the game mode of factions! The server uses stargates that allow you to travel across the whole map. We also offer faction dynmap which allows you to hunt down your enemies. The server also offers MCMMO, PLAYER SHOPS, EVENTS/KOTHS, and PVP!

Economy Mcmmo Pvp Roleplay Survival Survival Games

Toulouse Corp

Tentez de devenir le maître de ToulouseCorp,..
Devenez d’abord maître de votre propre lieux customisé à l’aide de ce qu’il se fait de mieux en matière de plugin et autres plaisir Minecraft..arène,survie,rp,creative,hidenseek,fortnitemode et tutti cuonti …d’ailleur on compte plus… soyez le meilleur dans tous ces domaines pour devenir le maître des lieux…Saurez vous diriger Toulouse Corp?? ça m’étonnerai… pas.. En tout cas pas trop trop…venez nous étonner de votre créativité on adore ça.
Staff absolument mature, bienveillant et pleins d’humour..on est avant tout là pour s’amuser..pas de Pay to Win ici….server ouvert pour toute personne qui a un cerveau..Qui fonctionne
kikou s’abstenir..
Une aventure que nous espéront unique et qui évoluera grâce à vous.
En principe ici, on se fout pas d’la geule .. et on a juste envie de s’éclater avec vous…
Longue vie à minecraft et à ses joueurs!!!

Economy Pvp Survival Vanilla


The Best Server You Can Be On,
Great Staff
Amazing Community
Great Plugins
Great Spawn
Custom Crates
Have Fun

Creative Economy Factions Kitpvp Mini Games Pvp Survival


A unique server that has multiple gamemodes and minigames A wonderful history and many more surprises

Kitpvp Mini Games Parkour Pvp Survival


KitPvP, Duel & Survival Server with the most friendly community & free rank giveaways! Crates & Events and much more!

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