Bad Omen Minecraft Server

When you have bad omen in Minecraft, pillagers come out of everywhere and basically destroy you.

There are so many pillagers in Minecraft and I gotta be honest with you that at times it’s easy to fall prey to their ways of getting to people and they are so persistent that most people are unaware of this problem.”

If you’re thinking that it’s not too late to get help, you’d be sadly mistaken.

They look like this.

When they come out in this form this way, you have to do a ton of things to get the Pillagers to attack you like, go over them. There’s a couple of different ways to combat this Pillager attack.

The simplest way is to get rid of them. To do that you have to go to the top of a giant hill and jump down into some lava. Then immediately jump up the volcano so that your height becomes the pillager’s height. Because when they come out in this shape they have to keep running to the top of the volcano and jumping and you just have one last big jump.

One more thing if we get down here for the battle, when you have this level of height, they have to stay there and just keep rolling around. Just so they don’t knock you off the volcano completely. You have to keep running around, just don’t stop your run just because you see the pillagers like the way they look so you just keep running. If you still manage to die, you will be revived at spawn.