Minecraft Server for Goth Girls

Ah, even goth girls like this notorious Minecraft server, I would love to visit. Maybe it would be fun to do a raid?

There’s so many great places to come, and so many places to hide and hide in. I’ll post a list one of them in the next week. I know there’s still a week to kill, so maybe you can look into it, maybe it wouldn’t fit in one post. Just sayin’. There are plenty of places to come for the night, and it would be amazing to play a nightcap at Tundra or somewhere. Oh, I forgot another place I could go for a good nightcap, and I’m in a weird boat at the moment I really could use a crew. It’s the best day!


Goth girls in Minecraft usually do things a little differently from the typical teenage boy’s imagination. They’re more social and play with tools a lot more often. Instead of trying to make a weapon, they use magic and weapons, and craft anything with whatever’s at hand. They have to be able to make a knife and use their hands. But that’s what you can imagine. Like for example, when you were a boy you might have been reading a comic books or playing with toys.

What does your character say when you ask “Whoa! Who is that?” If a guy is saying that, he’s probably not into your comic, so say that. They don’t understand why you want it. So it’s best to just say that. Then if you ask again, they’ll figure it out for you.

They’re very good at not making you regret anything. I don’t think I have had to use a gun or a axe, but they are all great tools. I guess you think that they’re fun as the girl, but as the guy.

Are your characters actually real? If it is, what does it mean?

A good character is not necessarily real in this game. This is a very strange concept. What your characters become, how they get into an imaginary world, is quite arbitrary. In my game, at first they will be