Killing Villagers on Minecraft Server

Killing villagers in Minecraft brings me great pleasure. So I kill villagers in Minecraft. (Well, as much as I can kill them, because the game is so unforgiving; they will often get stuck and give me a few minutes. Then I die.)

But not much kills me. I don’t kill villagers, mainly because most of my “chase” is a pretty long slog, mostly a tedious task of walking at my fastest possible pace, and also because I can avoid killing villagers much longer by using the “slow walk” key. Instead I use a much safer key that lets me continue running (and if I don’t die, then I could simply run the rest of the way and kill them, which is faster because I’m moving). I still do kill villagers on my travels, but I stop running when I find a villager, and they will give me some experience and a few food if I kill them, and I will usually get some more experience and food depending on what I do to them; if a villager is low level or asleep I will kill them so fast they wouldn’t even notice.