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Sword X Pvp

Hello! Thanks for reading this! Sword X PvP is a really fun KitPvP server! We are looking for lots of players to have fun! Are main goal is to make everyone playing have a really fun time! We really hope you stop by and see what we are all about!
Thanks for reading and We hope you stop on by and have a hand with us! Have a great day.

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Obby Survival

Obby Survival is a fairly new Survival Server with a friendly community. We are looking for fresh faces! We have mature friendly staff that will be more than happy to help you with any questions or concerns you might have.
Some of the things we offer are:
– No Grief
– Land Claim
– Friendly Community
– Mature Staff
– Mob hunt
– Jobs
And Much more!
So What are you waiting for? Give us a try!

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Fire PvP

This is the FirePvP Minecraft Server this server has 5900 slots but soon were are hoping to upgrade. This server is not a whitelist server and we are looking for players who we can trust in and not grief the server! also anyone can join! This is a PvP Server and we will soon have A PVP ARENA!

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Looking for a Minecraft server with a twist? One you can play with friends on for hours? Look no further! Z5T1 is one of the oldest Minecraft servers still running! Our semi-vanilla server has much to offer, with brewery plugins, radio plugins, an established currency system, and many more! Join our server and see for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

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HyperionMC is a brand-new Faction server. We have a great setup! HyperionMC has a main server challenge where the most powerful factions race to the End, literally the End world, and conquer the vast land.
Start your adventure in Spawn City, where you can explore the shops, casino, spawn, and more to come!
We are looking for our first batch of staff members, but to apply you must reach the requirements on the application.
Since we are new and in beta, we would love to hear from you! If you have any suggestion or anything that you think would make HyperionMC a better server, please let us know.
Join our website:
Join our Discord:
Have a nice day and we’ll see you in the End!

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Great factions server. The kb and hit detection are very good. You can cannon because the server as NO LAG at all.

Companies Dun Economy Eset Experienced Mcmmo Mypet Mypets Regular Reset Resets Resort Sets Towny Vanilla


Small Towny server with experienced players who have come together to make a server, including companies, Mcmmo, MyPets and dungeons to come. Come check us out, we have pvp and pve, pick what you like most. We have a resource world that resets regularly.

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Polar Power
~Please Join and Have Fun!~
Also please support my Youtube Channel!

000 1.12 200 2000 A Minecraft Claiming Economy Inecraftsurvival Minecraftsurvival Ports Pve Pve Economy Rts Support Survival


A Minecraft PVE economy server Supports all 1.12 so come and join.
We got a shop and claiming.
Owner AndrewDC2000

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LGBT Craft

We are a semi-vanilla server with a dedicated staff focused on creating the best experience for players who are and are not apart of the LGBT Community!
Features: Economy, Chat linked to Discord, Up & Working all the time! Who tf runs a server that’s not up all the time?, Slimefun, Keep, Inventory when you die! Just be careful in the Nether & End, PvP optional, McMmo, Custom Plugins to make the best experience possible!!
Discord @
Forums @
Instagram @
Twitter @