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MCClassic | 20w19a Snapshot | Vanilla | Classic Minecraft 1.16!!

Come Explore 1.16 with us!!

MCClassic is simple. We do not using any fancy plugins that alter the game-play. We just want classic, traditional MineCraft to be the way it is supposed to be. The world was first generated in 1.16 so everything is fresh. We intend to stay up to day with future updates and snapshots and we will always be the first server running the newest versions.

It is our plan to never reset the map. We believe it is important to have a never ending world where players can grow and explore while being surrounded by the buildings left by past players.


1. Don’t use hacks or modified clients that would give you an unfair advantage.

2. Don’t take advantage of glitches or duplicate items.

3. Don’t purposely attempt to compromise the server performance (Ex. lag machines).

Join our discord —->

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ITS SIMPLY SURVIVAL :: An Official 1.15.2 Minecraft Server

–= Its Simply Survival =–

Hello, Survivors

The time has finally come – ISS is now updated to Minecraft 1.15.2!
We have opened our brand new 1.15.2 Survival & Creative Worlds

Now Featuring:

– Standard & City Grief Protection
– Player driven economy with Player & Admin shops!
– Voting, Donor & Staff Ranks
– TPA, RTP & Home Commands Enabled!
– Creative World Plot
– Adult Run / Mature Community
– More of our beloved ISS features to be added in the future!



Come join us for an official 1.15.2 Survival & Creative Experience!

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MCMP | Vanilla Minecraft Server 1.15.2

Welcome to MCMP, a completely vanilla freebuild anti-grief survival mode server that has been running for over 3 years.

MCMP is home to a welcoming community of players and admins, as we allow players to build whatever, whenever and wherever they like, as long as they don’t mess with other people’s things.

All of this…without the worry of grief! (All griefs that occur on the server can be rolled back in seconds!)

So come on the server and check the place out, there are some crazy cool things players have built over the years while the server has been up!

So please, make yourself at home and enjoy MCMP

Version: 1.15.2


Server Rules:
Respect other players on the server.
Respect Staff Members and their decisions. (They are trying their best)
Don’t grief other players builds. (That includes, Stealing, Breaking Blocks Others Have Placed and Lava/Water Flooding/)
Keep the chat clean. No harassment, advertising, abuse.
No hacks or cheats of any kind. If you are wondering about specific mods, please ask a staff member.
We have a strict no grief policy here at MCMP. All griefs are rolled back and players responsible will face PERMANENT bans!

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PickaxeMania is your new Minecraft home. We work hard to keep things semi-vanilla, while at the same time, providing a little extra special bonus just to keep things fun.

Our survival world features McMMO, Jobs, Dynmap and Land Claiming while at the same time keeping the vanilla experience we have all come to love.

Family-friendly server and great for players of all ages, young and old alike.

Join Us @

PS – We also have a Plotted creative world with WorldEdit.

20w16a 20w17a 20w18a 20w19a Latest Latestversion Minecraftsurvivalserver Snapshot Vanilla

Latest Minecraft Snapshot 20w20b! No Resets 1.16

Hosting the latest Minecraft Snapshots (1.16) for anyone who would like to play them on Multiplayer.

No world resets.

No world border.

Multiplayer sleep datapack.

Hard difficulty

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🔥 FamilyMC 1.15.2 Network 🔥 Survival, Creative, SkyBlock, Vanilla Full 1.15.2 Bees🔥

Welcome to the FamilyMC network! We are fully 1.15.2 release. We strive to provide a safe environment for everyone to play in 24/7 with 100% uptime and absolutely 0 lag.

We run across two high quality professional dedicated servers featuring our main machine with an overclocked i9-9900k running at 5.1GHz. Through our high performing hardware we are able to provide a high performing minecraft server even on the latest and most demanding minecraft releases!

We offer Survival, Creative, Vanilla, and SkyBlock servers.

Our Survival 1.15.2 server offers: Land claiming, player shops, player warps, in game ranks, and more!
We run a regular world in /warp OldTown and the Amplified 1.15.2 world at /spawn

Keep inventory is enabled
You can be randomly teleported into the wild to start playing, or look around spawn and find a place to build a shop.
Useful Commands:
/start – for a tutorial
/warp ClaimTutorial
/warp ShopTutorial

Our Vanilla 1.15.2 server offers: vanilla game play with no plugins, basic rules such as no griefing, and always running the latest version. If a grief ever occurs, message staff and they can have it completely fixed within seconds!

Our SkyBlock 1.14.4 is one of our favorites. It’s fully 1.14.4 and has custom islands, crates, spawners, an auction house, and a vast market place with every material and item you could possibly need!

We can’t wait to see you in game at!

Be sure to join our discord:

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Survival Rocks with Bees (anti-grief survival with economy and land claiming)

Survival Rocks is a 1.15.2 semi-vanilla anti-grief survival Minecraft server with a personal community, an economy, teleporting and land claiming. Bee nests are present all over the map! We focus on having a solid and stable survival core, with smooth working of plugins, mostly made by us.

On first join you get randomly teleported, where you can start building right away! The server is mainly PvE, but you can enable PvP if you’re into that with /pvp (both players need it enabled). Griefing is not allowed. To prevent griefing, you can claim land (/claim).

We do have /sethome (3), /tpa, /warps, /back (100 coins after death) and /wild (of course). Keep inventory is OFF. It’s only enabled during your first hour (so you can settle). Mob griefing is mostly on, only not for Creeper explosions: Creepers will trim grass.

Our server has an economy: ChestShop, AuctionHouse and Coins are installed. You can find all shops on the website. The economy exists out of integer coins, which you can get by: killing mobs, joining daily, trading (/trade), voting, trading stocks and creating your own shop. There is a server shop at /shop, but players also have cheaper shops at /warps. You can set a warp to your shop with /setwarp for 2,000 coins.

All player shops with sortable items are listed on our website!

A lot of information can be found on the website, we’re currently working on a features (wiki) page.

This server has experience from all going back to 2012, but recently went public!
Some players are even still here from 7 years ago!

Specifications: 16GB RAM, 4.4GHz, SSD, fully dedicated.
We do our best to make custom things too. Some addons we have:

  • Automatic Tree Cutdowns (for small trees),
  • SilkSpawners (20% chance drop with Silk Touch),
  • Spleef (ancient minigame, destroy blocks below players),
  • HealthBar (remaining health of mobs above their head),
  • Warps (by players; with sorting and rate system),
  • Trades (request a player to inventory-wise trade with you),
  • Scoreboard (small and basic; with your statistics),
  • Marriage (marry to someone which allows direct teleport),
  • Login Rewards (get coins for joining the server daily),
  • Chairs (sit down on slabs, stairs and carpets).
  • And many more small addons, mostly made by us!
  • Things we will never add:
    mcMMO, automated broadcasts, Slimefun, giving out non-obtainable items, Factions, MobStack, ClearLag

    Economy Landclaim Pvp Survival Vanilla

    Mango Network | 1.15.2 Enhanced Vanilla Survival

    1.15.2 Mango Survival 
    We offer an enhanced survival experience powered by a lag-free server,
    strong anti-cheat, and community-driven staff team.
    – Land Claim
    – Player Shops & Player Warps
    – No PAY2WIN
    – Vote Rewards (Extra Homes)
    – Balanced Economy
    – QOF Better Sleeping
    – Keep Inventory
    – AFK Fishing Allowed
    – Custom World (Coming Soon)


    Customenchants Griefprevention Mcmmo Shops Silkspawners Survival Vanilla

    1.15 OlypticMC |New Map| |Custom Enchants| |Shops|

    Version: 1.15.2


    On OlypticMC, we hope to provide the very best Minecraft survival experience to you, bringing frequent updates and new content to keep your gameplay active and fun. We promise to provide all we can for your enjoyment.
    If you’re ever confused about something in-game, feel free to ask a staff member or message use on discord and you will receive a response back to your question in a timely matter!


    Towny: Create towns for you and your friends.
    MCMMO: Practice and develop skills to earn perks and other abilities!
    GriefPrevention: Claim and protect an area of land for yourself!
    SilkSpawners: Harvest mob spawners with silk touch!

    The Rules:

    No Stealing
    No Random PVP
    No Greifing
    No Spamming
    And Finally, No Hacking.

    114server Pvp Semianarchy Vanilla Vanillasurvival

    A Zombie Pigman Broke My Door [Vanilla] [SMP] {1.15.2} {Semi-anarchy} {No Cheating}


  • Hello gamers. Thank you for taking the time to consider A Zombie Pigman Broke My Door. I consider the server a lawless server because there is only 1 rule, No cheating. My goal as someone hosting a server is to create an environment where people can enjoy all the mechanics of vanilla minecraft, both pvp and pve.
  • What really makes minecraft shine is when people work together and it is all the more impressive when people decide to work together on a lawless server. While I encourage cooperation, I also enjoy some chaos and that is why there is only 1 rule.
  • Please note, there are minimal plugins on this server (to prevent lag during tps drops). And there is minimal intervention by admins. Everything built in the game is built in survival mode, creative mode is not permitted.
  • Most people login to server and immediately die, over and over, then they rage quit. Be warned the server is set to hard mode and because there is very little lag the monsters will make your life difficult. I have constructed several mini bases around the spawn area (spawn radius is set to 1000) to help new players, but because this is anarchy it is a constant battle to keep these bases stocked with supplies.
  • Some people asked me, why the server has the name it does. Well, when I first started the server, a zombie pigman broke my door.
  • Other things of note, the map will never be reset and the seed will never be given out.
  • Discord:

    Running: 1.15.2

    Location: Montreal, Canada

    Difficulty: Hard

    Clarification on no cheating. No cheating means using any client or code to give you an advantage or “hack” the game. Duping is a grey area because it’s using an ingame mechanic or exploit to give you a benefit in the game. Since duping is almost impossible to reliably police we will not be banning people for duping, but it is frowned upon by the community. What this means is most of our players look very negatively upon it and will be less likely to work with you if you are a known duper and may be more likely to target you for griefs or pvp.