1.9 Change Difficult Difficulty Grief Prevention Mew Mus Music Normal Prevention Pvp Shops Simple Survival Tnt

GG Craft

GG Craft – a 1.9 Survival Server where Cracked players able to join also.

– Survival
– Kits
– Shop
– PvP
– Normal Difficulty.
– Grief Prevention. Protect your home.
– No TnT.
– Friendly.
– No Item lost at PvP arena.
– Friendly Staff.
– Soooo Simple.
– Music. Do /music in our server.

This server is a cracked server where player that didnt buy Minecraft and get it from somewhere else legally can join.
This server is LEGAL.
If you bought Minecraft, You can join also.
Theres already a server name same with us but we are too late to change em.

Creative Dbz Discord Ice Invite Kitpvp Mini Games Mmu Nice Ommunity Please Skyblock Survival Tps Welcome

Gravitor Network

Welcome to gravitor



Please join.

We have a nice community.

Bedwars Canada Complex Country Mini Games Networks Pit Prison Pvp Rankup Skyblock Skywars Survival Vanilla Vast


Dubadub is a vast array of server networks, designed by the players, for the players! We have everything you may need for the full Minecraft experience. Come join us today!

– Survival w/ KIT CLAIM
– Varied minigames, like BEDWARS and THE PIT
– Plots/OP prison, with custom RANKUP and VOTE PARTY
– Complex SKYBLOCK experience

Server IP:
Country: Canada, West Coast

Can You Beat Control Dragon Ender Ender Dragon Insta Java Minecraft Version Monster Monsters Public Roll Survival The End Troll

MyCraft Survival

Fight Mobs Controlled By Other Players!
No Mod Installation Required!

Java Minecraft Version 1.15.2!
Hello! This is a gamemode that is based around the survival gamemode except there is only one player. Everyone else must play as mobs and try to kill the main player to take his place! I made this for me and a few friends to play on a small server, but decided to put in on a host and make it public for everyone!
Can you beat the game as the main player?
Play as different mobs and monsters as you try to kill the main player!
Who will beat the game? Who ever does will be allowed to defend their title by being allowed to play as the Ender Dragon in the end!

1.16.1 Communities Community Discord Economy Pickaxe Playing Minecraft Prod Pvp Renaissance Retro Shops Spirit Survival Villager

Retrograde Survival l 1.16.1 | Community Based Survival | Whitelist

Retrograde Survival was born out of CranberryJuice”s desire to make a community-based semi-vanilla survival server with unique perks like shops, currency, and ranks. The name comes from the recent Minecraft ‘renaissance’ of players who began playing Minecraft years ago, now dusting off their pickaxes and playing the game again. We want the server to be a throwback to the good ol’ days of the Minecraft community, and the amazing servers they produced. We hope you’ll enjoy playing on the server as much as we enjoyed making it! Why whitelist? I have owned and operated many servers throughout the years. This is my first whitelisted community. This community is based off trust and a foundation of dedicated communities. Whitelist is just a better system as it filters out those players who only join to ask for staff, hack. and overall bring the community spirit down. Joining the whitelist is incredibly simple, join the discord and DM cranberry juice your IGN for minecraft, and why you’d think you would be a good fit.
Discord –

1.14 Cafe Event Fast Grief Grief Prevention Has Help Lea Mmu Ommunity Prevention Smp Survival Working


We have a 1.14.4 SMP and are working on adding new servers. The SMP has grief prevention, fast leaf decay, and more. Come hang out with us, and help build our community. 🙂

Backups Creator Hermitcraft Hermitcraftlike Medium Partner Scicraft Smp Stream Survival Twitch Video Whitelisted Youtuber Youtubers

Maxcraft – Whitelisted Youtuber SMP Server

To join, connect to our Discord:

Maxcraft is a 1.16.1 whitelisted server for Youtubers, Streamers, and other content creators.

We are a server for small to medium content creators to collaborate, share best practices, and promote one another. We are partnered with a public server with a mid-size playerbase to cross promote our services, giving you a place to interact with your followers.

We keep frequent backups in case anything goes wrong, and we are financially stable. While high follower counts are great, we are particularly looking for individuals with consistent upload/publishing schedules and high-quality, interesting content. Contact us via the discord above for more info!

Our public server partner can be found here:

Apocalypse Bank Challenges Customize Green Lobby Market Mini Games Npc Pvp Shops Survival Survivor Undead Zombies

Wonkeelands Greenfield

Greenfield: Apocalypse

The world, as we know it, is over. The undead have overrun the city of Greenfield and you are one of the few people who remain. Scavenge and explore the city, looking for weapons and supplies to ensure your survival. Beware the undead and other survivors.

Wonkeelands Greenfield provides a uniquely customized Minecraft experience for those who enjoy the challenges of survival, zombies and PVP. Begin your adventure in the Train station (lobby) where you can access npc shops, your personal bank, the player market, read helpful information and play various mini-games.

Art Club Community Eco Factions Factions Server Family Lol Mall Mmu Ommunity Pvp Small Survival Unity

Dextro Club

Survival factions server with a small tight-knit community. come join and become a part of the family!

Across Adn Creative Custom Enviro Factions Hacker Mini Games Minigames Parkour Plugins Pvp Survival Teleport Vanilla


This isnt just any server. In this server, you will have a unique experience with our custom plugins and our custom ideas for minigames,

In the server called MiniGameMadness With just a click of a button you can be teleported to
Factions, PVP, Creative, Survival and Parkour. We have Custom Plugins so You can never get the same experience ANYWHERE else online. And with our Highly-Trained Staff Team, you cab ensure a Nice Clean Environment That you can count on, With this being said There will be NO Hackers in the game so you can enjoy a nice vanilla-like experience across many mini games that there is to offer here at MiniGameMadness.

See YOU Online 🙂