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Altitude Community

Server IP – Copy to Minecraft Client to Play:

Altitude is the best survival community for 1.15.2! Grab some friends, or make some new ones, and enjoy an awesome survival experience! Welcome to our tight-knit community!

We host four survival servers synced together so that you can switch between them and take your inventory, McMMO levels, MyPets, and economy money with you! Play on one server or all of them, and meet tons of awesome people to help you on your survival adventure.

Each server features a unique seed and community – but the features are the same: we have McMMO, MyPet, Dynmap, land claiming, an in-game currency economy, and PvP can be toggled on/off. We also reset the end world each month!

Plugins installed on server: Dynmap, McMMO, MyPet, ChestShops, GriefPrevention

Skyblock Survival

Surgecast 1.15.2

Surgecast is a new immersive Skyblock and survival experience enhanced for 1.15.2! Play with you friends and have endless hours of fun on this brand new server! Watch this space for Updates! New minigames to be added soon. Lobby Credit: DoomGarry

Discord link:

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Lord of the Craft

Server IP – Copy to Minecraft Client to Play:

Forget everything you know about Roleplay. Lord of the Craft is here to offer a radically different, impressively immersive journey into a genuine medieval fantasy universe.

Lord of the Craft is a so-called hardcore Roleplay server. We distinguish ourselves from the more popular RPG genre by requiring that everyone remain in-character while they play. In our server, you create your own character Persona and experience the world through their eyes. You will meet scores of others also living their lives, and as you go on you will make many friends or enemies, each of which will influence your character as you might influence them.

As you play, your character can develop into almost anything you can imagine. Perhaps they will become a farmer. Or open their own roadside tavern and meet fascinating travelers from all walks of life. Or hunt monsters and plunder their hoards. Or strive to become the worlds most powerful mage. Perhaps they will even become King, and have an army of players of their own. The choice is yours.


Plugins installed on server: Custom Chat, Character Cards, LWC, WorldGuard

Cosmetics Crates Jobs Kits Mcmmo Quests Rankup Spawners Survival Votifier Voting


We have a small community that does seem to be growing slowly, our regular players seem to say nothing but good things about the server. We hope if you join you have the same opinion!

Some Features:

Free /fly to all! (uses xp)

Land claims – To allow your builds and items to be safe from greifers!

mcMMO – Gain new skills/abilities while doing your daily needs to survive!

Jobs – Pick jobs from our list of jobs to help make money while you play your game!

Rankup – rank up using in game money, No donor ranks on this server!

Player Shops – we have a Market world that allows you to rent a plot to sell items to other players.

Quests – We have over 300 quests to complete on the server gaining you money, items and XP.

The server has a lot more features and a bunch more being worked on!
We hope to see you on the server and welcome you to our community!

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Server IP – Copy to Minecraft Client to Play:

Welcome to Skycade!

Unlike most networks we aim to maintain a completely free to play and play to win environment, meaning none of the things we sell on the store give players an advantage over others. All players get access to cool permissions like /echest, fly on factions and more!
Ranks and other store items consist of mainly cosmetic perks like pets, suffixes, and trails.

We currently have 6 game modes:

Skyblock 1.12 – Skyblock is our most popular game mode with custom events and a ton of starting islands to choose from, experience the classic Skyblock atmosphere with more to do!
Factions 1.8 – A custom f top, lots of events and a great economy with custom spawner drops you and your faction will have plenty to do! Factions is focused on PotPvP with limited Gapples OP Factions is for all the Gapple PvPers!
SMP 1.12 – Its like single player, but with more people! Explore, build and chill with lots of other players in this non competitive vanilla Minecraft focused gamemode.
KitPvP 1.8 – Our KitPvP is custom and unique to Skycade, choose from 50 different kits with unique abilities and battle your way to the top of the leaderboards.
Prisons 1.12 – Enjoy Prisons like you never have before, with a full customised server packed with minigames and custom enchants to help you enjoy on your grind for freedom!
Creative 1.12 – Unleash your inner creativity and show off your builds to the entire network!

Owned by YouTuber JackSucksAtLife you can be sure hes often about causing mischief!

Join now at

Economy Jobs Kitpvp Kitpvpserver Other Religions Survival Towny

–==CivCraft==— +Towny+Jobs+Economy+Religions+CustomFeatures+

Civcraft is a survival Towny server with a thriving player economy that gives you control over your gameplay. Want to build a Civilization from scratch and build up a powerful army to battle in the War Events? You can. Want to earn millions of dollars and pay other players to do your bidding and create a monopoly on the market? You can. Want to start a culture and become the leader of a massive religion dedicated to any god you want? You can. With a variety of Custom Items, Enchantments, Potions, Mobs, and Game Mechanics there is so much you can do on Civcraft that you can’t do anywhere else. On Civcraft, player interaction and cooperation is key, just like during the times of the ancient civilizations. Come join today at and live like the ancients!

Full List of Features:

  • Player Driven Economy and an Emphasis on Player Interaction and Cooperation
  • Custom Jobs Mechanics making Jobs feel Unique and Rewarding
  • Custom Items/Enchantments/Weapons/Potions/Armor/Item Mechanics/Builds
  • Towns and Nations allowing players to Protect their land and make Civilizations
  • PVP Arenas for players to Showdown and for large scale War Events!
  • PVE Arenas with Kits, Bosses, and Teamwork
  • Player Run Religions
  • No lag!
  • Ranking up through playtime!
  • Powerful Anti-Cheat/X-ray/Grief
  • Events such as War Events, Seasonal Minigames, and Seasonal Celebrations with Rewards
  • Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff Team
  • Completely open to player suggestions and often implementing suggestions overnight
  • Free to Play – Free to Win
  • Join today at CivCraft.CC and make history on CivCraft!

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    Aspiria MC

    Server IP – Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: mcsl.AspiriaMc.Com

    Welcome to Aspiria Mc!
    We are one of the best and most dedicated Survival communities in the world! We are a 7 year old server striving to create incredible minecraft experiences. We have an active and friendly community and host events every month!

    Survival No-Griefing Server
    Skyblock Server
    Factions Server
    Incredible Economy network-wide
    Friendly and amazing community
    Active discord server
    7+ Years strong
    Monthly events

    Join us now!

    Economy Factions Kitpvp Mcmmo Minigames Mod: Bukkit Prison Pve Pvp Roleplay Skyblock Survival Survival Games

    Cosmic Craft

    Server IP – Copy to Minecraft Client to Play:

    Cosmic Craft Minecraft Server

    Survival Games
    Prop Hunt Hide and Seek
    GTA grand theft auto
    Kit PvP
    Dwarves Vs Zombies

    Animal Community Experimental Famous People Gaming Liveandbuild Minecraft Pvp Server Staff Survival

    LiveAndBuild.Net | Survival (Semi-Vanilla)


    Welcome to LiveAndBuild.Net… Completely based around the community, using user feedback we believe we have crafted one of the best survival Minecraft servers on the planet. With over 8 years experience running game servers you can have trust in us to provide fair, equal, and balanced game play. Whether you like to PvP, or just build in peace we offer the tools to do this.

    What are you waiting for? Join MC.LIVEANDBUILD.NET today!

    Have any suggestions? Join the conversation on the forums: Click Here

    We hope that you find our server as enjoyable as we do, and decide to stay and play.

    General Features

  • Website: Click Here
  • Forums: Click Here
  • Store: Click Here
  • Online 24 Hours 7 Days A Week.
  • Rules enforced by Staff.
  • Grief protection.
  • No world border.
  • Always updated.
  • Custom plugins.
  • Categories
    Economy Land Claim Mod: Bukkit Pve Survival Survival Games

    Simple Survival

    Server IP – Copy to Minecraft Client to Play:

    Vanilla Survival
    Server Version: 1.15.2
    24/7 Uptime
    Servers in Europe and North America
    Dedicated Staff
    Hourly ServerBackups
    Grief Prevention
    Land Claims
    Player Shops
    Unique Spawners
    Mob Arena