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Unity Corps

Welcome to my server! I’m launching this as a playable platform. There will be more to come soon!

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Z Server SMP

General Info

Online since May, 14, 2011.

Z Server SMP is a Minecraft server that strives to be the best of the best. You can build where ever you like while following the rules. We have towns to build in to have a close active community. We are a amazing server with a nice community and awesome looking map. If you have any other questions ask.

All the useful info is on the website.

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=-= Apheix =-= [ Semi-Vanilla Survival | Land Claim | Boss Mobs | mcMMO ] – Ultimate Minecraft Server!


Apheix is a fairly new and well maintained server made for all survival-mode lovers! We offer Semi-Vanilla experience designed for economy and very fun gameplay for everyone.

Our server is focused on role play gaming alongside with mcMMO and other PvE enhanced features.

We know people want to protect their buildings in survival from being griefed so we have Land Claim for that reason.

One of the many ways to earn money on our server is with jobs- the most effective option for everyone and shops so that the money can flow through players!

Join us and experience this type of survival!

Looking for builders!

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MOONDUST ► Peaceful Creative, Skyblock and Towny c:


If you’re looking for a relaxing, enjoyable, and friendly Skyblock server, then stop your search here because MoonDust is exactly what you’re looking for. Although new, we are growing fast. Our server community is just starting to form, and so far its looking pretty amazing. Our server is built upon the player experience. We pay close attention to what our players say about the server, and we edit based on those comments.
Our SkyBlock is structured in a way so it is enjoyable for both new and old players. While SkyBlock on its own is fun and easy to get the hang of, there is also the complex aspect of the game for more experienced players. We pay close attention to both of these, and we do our best to create a SkyBlock server that doesn’t get dull for anyone. We have a very balanced economy that is updated regularly its not too easy nor is it too difficult. Other features include SkyBlock PVP, SkyBlock Parkour with rewards, and an exciting event calendar.
Everything on MoonDust is custom-built, including our beautiful spawn, our expansive SkyBlock shop, our PVP arena, and much, much more. We also are constantly adding new areas for our players to explore. MoonDust is a plugin-based server. Our team hand-picks our plugins and tailors them to make the best user experience possible. Ranks are cosmetic, EULA compliant, and affordable. Our staff is chosen carefully, and there is a structured system to deal with pesky trolls and bad players.
We have some big goals set for ourself, and were confident that we will be able to reach them. Our main future endeavor is to create two separate SkyBlock gamemodes: a short-term competitively based SkyBlock with scheduled resets, competitions, and rewards and a long-term SkyBlock which would be just a tweaked version of our current setup. Our other big goal is to add additional types of games once the server grows, such as custom Kit PVP and Creative.
In conclusion, MoonDust is probably the best server youll ever play on. So why wait to join Well see you in-game soon.

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🔥 FamilyMC 1.15.2 Network 🔥 Survival, Creative, SkyBlock, Vanilla Full 1.15.2 Bees🔥

Welcome to the FamilyMC network! We are fully 1.15.2 release. We strive to provide a safe environment for everyone to play in 24/7 with 100% uptime and absolutely 0 lag.

We run across two high quality professional dedicated servers featuring our main machine with an overclocked i9-9900k running at 5.1GHz. Through our high performing hardware we are able to provide a high performing minecraft server even on the latest and most demanding minecraft releases!

We offer Survival, Creative, Vanilla, and SkyBlock servers.

Our Survival 1.15.2 server offers: Land claiming, player shops, player warps, in game ranks, and more!
We run a regular world in /warp OldTown and the Amplified 1.15.2 world at /spawn

Keep inventory is enabled
You can be randomly teleported into the wild to start playing, or look around spawn and find a place to build a shop.
Useful Commands:
/start – for a tutorial
/warp ClaimTutorial
/warp ShopTutorial

Our Vanilla 1.15.2 server offers: vanilla game play with no plugins, basic rules such as no griefing, and always running the latest version. If a grief ever occurs, message staff and they can have it completely fixed within seconds!

Our SkyBlock 1.14.4 is one of our favorites. It’s fully 1.14.4 and has custom islands, crates, spawners, an auction house, and a vast market place with every material and item you could possibly need!

We can’t wait to see you in game at!

Be sure to join our discord:

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GodWorld [SkyBlock] [Need Staff] [Custom Plugins]

Running on Spigot 1.15.2
SkyBlock – 24/7 – Staff Needed
Vote for In-Game Rewards

GodWorld is an Eco-SkyBlock based server featuring Dungeons, Auction House, NPC Shops, Public Mines, PVP Arena, Contests etc.

Regularly scheduled Contests & great prizes such as free donor-ranks, in-game items, etc.

Originally formed in the early days of 2016, and reopened 2020. Friendly environment. Courteous staff & amazing players. Reliable Server Host with almost 100% up time.

A highly desired feature is Dungeons, and Public Mines which allows players to avoid the struggles of a cobblestonegenerator, a new mode to have fun and achieve rewards for your game-time.

Donator Ranks available

PVP Arena

Crates & Economy

Public Mines & Dungeons!

More custom plugins.
Daily rewards.
New website.

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Welcome to CraftVerse!

We are a small, community based server that hopes to deliver the finest minecraft experience possible. We have a small but useful selection of plugins. We aim to keep the spirit of vanilla minecraft, with the benefits of a close multiplayer community.

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Welcome to Survime!

We are a small, open comunity survival server

– Survival Mode
– No Lag (Average 20TPS)
– Quality of Game/Life elements
– Awesome Comunity
– Discord Server
– Website

Server IP –
Website –
Discord –

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Survival Rocks with Bees (anti-grief survival with economy and land claiming)

Survival Rocks is a 1.15.2 semi-vanilla anti-grief survival Minecraft server with a personal community, an economy, teleporting and land claiming. Bee nests are present all over the map! We focus on having a solid and stable survival core, with smooth working of plugins, mostly made by us.

On first join you get randomly teleported, where you can start building right away! The server is mainly PvE, but you can enable PvP if you’re into that with /pvp (both players need it enabled). Griefing is not allowed. To prevent griefing, you can claim land (/claim).

We do have /sethome (3), /tpa, /warps, /back (100 coins after death) and /wild (of course). Keep inventory is OFF. It’s only enabled during your first hour (so you can settle). Mob griefing is mostly on, only not for Creeper explosions: Creepers will trim grass.

Our server has an economy: ChestShop, AuctionHouse and Coins are installed. You can find all shops on the website. The economy exists out of integer coins, which you can get by: killing mobs, joining daily, trading (/trade), voting, trading stocks and creating your own shop. There is a server shop at /shop, but players also have cheaper shops at /warps. You can set a warp to your shop with /setwarp for 2,000 coins.

All player shops with sortable items are listed on our website!

A lot of information can be found on the website, we’re currently working on a features (wiki) page.

This server has experience from all going back to 2012, but recently went public!
Some players are even still here from 7 years ago!

Specifications: 16GB RAM, 4.4GHz, SSD, fully dedicated.
We do our best to make custom things too. Some addons we have:

  • Automatic Tree Cutdowns (for small trees),
  • SilkSpawners (20% chance drop with Silk Touch),
  • Spleef (ancient minigame, destroy blocks below players),
  • HealthBar (remaining health of mobs above their head),
  • Warps (by players; with sorting and rate system),
  • Trades (request a player to inventory-wise trade with you),
  • Scoreboard (small and basic; with your statistics),
  • Marriage (marry to someone which allows direct teleport),
  • Login Rewards (get coins for joining the server daily),
  • Chairs (sit down on slabs, stairs and carpets).
  • And many more small addons, mostly made by us!
  • Things we will never add:
    mcMMO, automated broadcasts, Slimefun, giving out non-obtainable items, Factions, MobStack, ClearLag

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    Craft Citizen 1.15 Survival – Dungeon Bosses, PvP, Crates, Economy, Landclaiming

    Craft Citizen

    Version: 1.15.2

    The World
    Craftcitizen presents players with a vast world to explore, to adventure in, to meet friends
    potentially to make enemies.

    It’s a place where players can play out their fantasies of being of being a hero. It places players in the shoes of one of the citizen of this world.

    It’s a medieval world of swords and sorcery, a world of high fantasy and adventure.

    What comes to you
    You begin unassuming beginnings setting off to make your name in a world full of danger and great glory to be earned as you explore, as you do things like Dungeons, helping other players, build your very own base or do PvP.

    You gain power, you gain renown in many ways and by the end of that initial, players were had toppled some of the great threats facing this world just to see what is next and what great foe awaits around the corner.

    About us

    We opened our doors on 29th of november after developing what we think is a completely new kind of survival gameplay. The world is a permanent map that is not ever reset. Builds, Farms and all of your inventory will be kept and stay protected even if you decide to stop playing for several months. You can come back at any time and carry on!

    Our Staff acts polite and with respect. It will only intervene on demand. You will be left alone most of the time and you will have to write your own story.

    If you are searching for a server to call home, Craft Citizen is for you. Be prepared to die here and then from mobs or other players and to lose some stuff. This is survival, not a minigame.

    Joining us means you agree not to use hacks or cheats. Our staff is active and will ban anyone trying to abuse our trust in you to keep our server at the quality it deserves.

    Getting Started
    “There is nothing easier than that.”

    The spawn is small. You just need to grab a boat and sail in any direction to get started. You will spawn as a Peasant on a small farm. Did you had a rough night in the Flying Raven Tavern? Where is all your stuff?
    Gather resources and build yourself a place worth calling it your home.

    Features (brief summary):
    Open World

    Mythic Mobs Dungeons and Custom Skinned Items

    Economy & Shops

    Custom Items


    Rankup System

    Grief Prevention


    Daily PvP Events & Special Rewards

    Siege & PvP


    Custom Portals

    Custom Weapons

    Custom Roads

    and more!

    Version 1.14.4

    Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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