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BP-Survival – [Custom Items] [Custom Boss Mobs] [Custom Items] [No PvP]

Hello Player!

Looking for a fun, eventful, family-friendly minecraft server? Well look no further! This server includes land claiming, player shops, quest, player warps, and more!

If you want more information regarding BP-Survival just join our discord channel!

Come have fun with us on the server join now!

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[1.15.2] Potato Verse – Hardcore Vanilla Survival

Potato Verse is a small survival server that strives to keep the original Minecraft Hard-mode Survival experience.

There are only two rules on Potato Verse, Don’t hack & Don’t Spam, anything else is fair game on Potato Verse

Join the Discord:

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★ Vale – Towny, Jobs, McMMO, Slimefun & Custom Enchants ★

Vale is a friendly survival Towny server, with over 20 ranks, based on economy, building, towns, and ranking up while earning better commands and perks.

On Vale, you’ll never get bored. When you’re not playing survival Minecraft, you’re enchanting your tools and armor with custom enchants, and when you’re not building in your Towny Town, you’re earning money via jobs, shops, lotteries and quests.

If that doesn’t grab your attention, our crate system can be obtained via survival, events, and more. Get rewards for playing and being active, and the longer you stay – the more rewarding Vale gets.

We’re a server that has just recently relaunched, with a fresh map and new plugins and a new, unique experience.

Play Now!
Visit our website

Landclaim Pve Pvp Rtp Survival

Celestial Craft

Celestial Craft is a new 1.15.2 survival server. We have a lot to offer and we hope you enjoy it 😀 We’re also adding a bunch of custom weapons and tools.

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DWO – Doctor Who Minecraft Server

Looking to appeal a ban? Please don’t post here!
We won’t respond to people trying to get unbanned here, we have a proper place for those on our forums where we will reply to them all equally. Please ask there!
Appeal here!

Earth Earthmap Irl Roleplay Survival Towny

Towny Earth [1.8 – 1.15.2] Earth Map No Teleportation Vehicles Gold Economy Weapons Election & Revolutions War Slimefun

Welcome to your best life!

Join Towny Earth for a real life experience in MC!

Some features:

  • Real world 1:1000 scaled map (
  • Gold is currency
  • You can claim towns/nations, or join them!
  • Buy vehicles, fly planes, drive cars, ride trains, or launch into the future with hover bikes
  • Build advanced technologies with Slimefun, such as nuclear reactors and power sources
  • Purchase and use advanced modern weaponry, with associated attachments
  • Brew alcoholic drinks
  • Get married!
  • All of this on Towny Earth!

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    Illager Net — Semi-Anarchy Hardcore


  • 72-hour deathban
  • Randomized spawn in a 10,000 block square radius
  • Discord chat integration. Invite
  • Moderation
    This server has minimal moderation, relying on anti x-ray, anticheat, and plugin design to promote fairness and civility. Though we don’t have any hard set rules, we do want to promote an enjoyable play environment in line with the spirit of Hardcore. Action will be taken against exceptionally disruptive players. In general, remember:

  • Don’t abuse client hacks
  • No malicious use of scripts or bots
  • Be respectful in chat
  • Raiding, Griefing, and PvP are fully permitted
  • Use common sense
  • Categories
    Borderless Claiming Community Creative Economy Semivanilla Shops Survival Teleportation Vanilla


    Workbench is primarily a survival server that aims to provide well-rounded gameplay through the use of features that help add to your overall experience instead of get in your way. Some of the features of our server include land claiming and grief protection, player teleportation, a balanced economy and mob spawning system, a shop system, and a PvP system that not only balances unfair combat but allows you to toggle it on or off.



    Hello! Thank you for stopping by and looking at this derver! This is a server that goes along with a Minecraft 1.14.4 server called Rosebud Realm. It is a Java server FWI, And the IP is: At the moment we have 4+ members and we are looking to add more people so we decided to make a page on planet minecraft! Feel free to join us we would love to have you!
    🌸 No advertising.
    🌸 Use Common Sense please.
    🌸 Do not bypass any mute or ban 🌸 If a staff member tells you to do something, listen.
    🌸 • Do not ping Anyone without reason.
    ✨ No cussing
    :✨ Do not spam.
    ✨ •Try to put commands and pictures in the correct channels.
    ✨ Don’t be toxic, Treat people how you wanna be treated.
    ✨ No discussion of illegal activities such as drugs, threats or sexual events.
    🗒️ *NOTE* These rules go for everyone

    Main Owner: Rain
    Owner: Buster

    Economy Greifprevention Survival

    Survival Story

    New Survival Server welcoming players and to start a community.

    We are currently looking for moderators who will be picked from our regular players.

    Everyone is welcome!

    Join our forum

    Please make sure you read over our rules in game.

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