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⭐ ⚔️ Farming/Economy! ⚔️ Crates/Custom Enchants! ⚔️ Join Now! [1.15.2]

Are you looking for a Factions server with tons and tons of things to do? We have it! At SolsticeFactions we have a great community with lots to do join us create your base and conquer the world! Join now!➥ Factions
➥ Raiding
➥ In-Game Ranks
➥ Crates
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Aussie Australia Australian Mmo Pvp Survival

Zero Gravity Gaming [1.15.2] – Multi-World Difficulty Progression – Custom Craftable Items, Harder Mobs

Zero Gravity Gaming’s Minecraft Server is a world that’s designed to have a vanilla feel with a few added extras

This is a multi-world environment, where once you’ve built and mined to your hearts content you can enter a new landscape. A completely different world where it’s always night and there are much harder mobs.

Zombies that make other zombies, the evil versions of Silverfish and Endermites, Wither Skeletons that are always too close for comfort, a Queen Bee that sends reinforcements if attacked and a truly UnBearable kind of mob that sends you flying as well as so much more.

Venture out to the far reaches of this world to meet the bosses, powerful mobs that will truly be a challenge unless you are well prepared and equipped with very strong armour, potions and weapons.

These are tough challenges but the rewards are well worth it, with drops such as Baby Zombie Shoes, custom craftable armour and gemstones that power up your items to make them stronger as well as exclusive armour and weapons from each boss with it’s own abilities to become even stronger.

All of this plus the following

– Start with free bread and torches to get you on your way

– PVP arena for more organised fights

– Lockable chests

– Custom Traders

– Multiple Homes

– Player Heads

– Mine spawners with just a diamond pickaxe

– Completely Non-P2W

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Beanscraft: 1.15.2 SMP

Beanscraft is a 1.15.2 Survival Multiplayer server. The server has an economy, GriefPrevention, optional pvp, enhanced mechanics, and everything you can experience in the latest version of Minecraft!

There is no whitelist, nor are there any hoops to jump through to start off. Play with friends, play alone, you have plenty of freedom here. Aside from that, we also have a discord server! Please join Beanscraft and help us build a great community around this game we all love!

IP Address:



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PixelBlockMC – Free Ranks to First Few that Join – HIRING STAFF!

PixelBlock Network is a Minecraft Server founded in 2020 with a large amount of minigames. The network currently runs as 1.15.2+ and is rising in popularity everyday. It also involves SkyBlock, Creative, Survival and more!

Over 15 gamemodes including survival, survivalgames, creative, minigames, skywars, skyblock, factions, Apocalypse and more!

Build Casual Claim Easy Econ Economy Keepinventory Mcmmo Mcmmotowny Minecraft Mobs Pve Economy Pvp Quests Rights Roleplay Server Survival Survivalserver Town Towny Townyeconomy Townyserver Townysurvival Wns

✌ Subliminal Survival 💲 $𝟒𝟓 𝐆𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐚𝐰𝐚y 💲 1.15.2 ✔️ Custom Plugins ✔️ MCMMO ✔️ Jobs ✔️ Crates ✔️ + More!

🕵🏻Mission: We strive to create a friendly community, challenge the creative mind of our players and have the full survival experience you’ve been seeking with your friends or alone.

🕵🏻Vision: Our vision is to be one of the most player friendly survival communities, we want our players to be able to find a place where they feel safe and be able to create their own survival adventure.


– We strive for fun.

– Honesty.

– Respect.

– Diversity

– Innovation

– Teamwork

– Constant Improvement

👨🏻‍🏫 What can you do in our server?

A vast land with over 100 unique biomes all around.
Make sure you pick jobs and quests during your journey to make money.

You’re able to create your own town via towny.
You can also combine your towns and form nations.

Vanilla mobs. Meh… Fight custom mob! With custom loot! you can even find crate keys!

Discord- Join our discord group to get updates on awesome news, giveaways, builds, memes and meet and become one of our awesome members.

Server rules-

  • No griefing under any circumstances.
  • No racial, homophobic, sexist or offensive slurs.
  • Advertising is not allowed.
  • Please do not build too close to other people’s bases.
  • Exploits aren’t allowed i.e AFK fishing & x-raying
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    Earth Nations Server

    Welcome to the Earth Nations server! This server is based around a scaled down Earth map with mods where you will be able to spawn in and make your way to any corner of the “globe”, found a faction, and expand your nation. To join, join our Discord with the link below where you will be able to submit an application for a nation and if accepted, then be whitelisted to join.


    Mods: Cars, Guns, Expanded Farming, GalaticCraft, Biplanes, trains, etc.

    Advancius Blockparty Bungee Challenge Creative Duels Faction Pvp Factions Free Hiring Kitpvp Kits Maze Minigames Mobarena Murdermystery Need Needstaff Network Openworld Parkour Plots Prison Pvp Ranks Rankup Skyblock Staff Staffneeded Survival Survivalgames Testing Thelab Towny Vanilla Villagedefense

    Advancius Network – Advance up the ranks

    Hello and Welcome to Advancius!

    Advancius is a friendly server where every player is a part of a fun community!

    We offer several gamemodes including:Factions, Skyblock, Creative Plots, Prison, KitPvP, Towny, Vanilla, and many Minigames!

    We also offer ways for players to earn free ranks by playing our games, earning in-game currency, and more!

    Claims Cmi Donationperks Donations Donorranks Economy Fly Griefprevention Hiring Hiringstaff Keepexp Keepinv Keepinventory Keepitems Keepxp Kits Landclaim Landprotection Lands Minecraft Minecraftserver Minigames Pve Pve Economy Pvp Rank Ranks Ranksystem Server Servers Shops Silkspawners Spleef Staff Staffneeded Staffteam Staffwanted Survival

    Sonic MC

    SonicMC is a 1.15.2 PvE Survival Economy Minecraft Server. SMC has a nice, friendly community with players that are very helpful! SMC also has an in-game rankup system that does not require real money. We are also currently looking for additional staff members.

    Dungeons Envoys Other Pets Pve Pvp Skyblock

    $200 PAYPAL PAYOUT | Diorite Network | 1.8 – 1.15.2 | Skyblock

    Join our server to participate!

    Server IP:
    Version: 1.8 – 1.15.2

    Diorite Network | Small Cosy Community
    Skyblock – Bosses, Event crates, Dungeon, Pets & more!
    We are pumped to invite you guys over to join us in the fun. We are still growing and newly launched, so do help us out as we continue to improve the server and grow as a community! See ya in game!

    Looking for YouTuber and experienced developers, builders & moderators. Do feel free to come join us and see if this server suits you! 🙂

    Copsandrobbers Prison Pve Pvp

    CwazyCraft – Official COPS AND ROBBERS

    Welcome to CwazyCraft! The dedicated Cops n Robbers server! Finally re opened for BETA testing! Please join our discord to leave feedback!

    Version: 1.15.2 !

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