Моб арена Паркур Скайблок

GaaraCraft ✅1.13.2 – 1.15.2✅ Minecraft server

Description of the server The owner of the server “GaaraCraft ✅1.13.2 – 1.15.2✅” has not added a description yet. If this is your server, add a description to it in your personal account.

Bed Wars Murder Mystery Скайблок

Pirate Cove Minecraft server

Server description Pirate Bay is a server with beautiful maps and your favorite games. Take friends and play KitPvP, BedWars, Murder Mystery, SkyBlock, AcidIsland, CaveBlock, SkyGrid, OneBlock. Find secret chests and win ranks and other prizes.


SkyGalaxyMagicTech Minecraft server

Look at the sky … It’s beautiful! What if you build a house in the sky and admire it forever? This thought haunted us and we decided to make the dream come true, bringing it to perfection. We have combined all the knowledge about magic, technology and space, giving you the opportunity to test yourself in these areas. But remember – only by connecting them together, you will conquer the heavens (in the literal sense)!

Моб арена Скай Варс Скайблок Сплиф

PixelMon 1.12 – New Pixelmon! Minecraft server

A new version of the game, mods and quests, even more interesting …

Паркур Скайблок

1.1 – ADMINISTRATION TO EVERY Minecraft server

NexWorld is one of the projects that is rapidly growing higher and higher. Every day, the administration is improving our servers with various chips that attract the attention of a new audience. Our project was born quite recently, but thousands of people already know about us. We will be glad to see you on our servers.


There are many different teams on our servers, there are also several mini games.
Stable big online, various chips.


IP –
PORT – 19132
Version – 1.1

Build battle Murder Mystery Прятки Скай Варс Скайблок ТНТ Ран

ModCraft> Mini-Games Minecraft server

Hey, what are you doing there? Come on, normal people are already playing ModCraft! Prove that you are normal, come in and play exclusive mini-games! It’s not boring here, but it’s boring without you!)
Port: 17002

Bed Wars Build battle CS GO Deathrun Egg wars Murder Mystery Quake Битва замков Битва муравьев Голодные игры Лаки блоки Марио пати Моб арена Паркур Пейнтбол Прятки Скай Варс Скайблок Сплиф ТНТ Ран

NDAZ – Zombie Apocalypse DayZ server Minecraft

An exciting server called NDAZ
IP: Version: 1.8-1.12.2
Our website:

– Unique zombies and mobs
– Unique locations
– Firearms
– Big game world
– Merchants, quests, tasks
– Mutants
– Unique NPCs with their own history
– Sales system for metal and other items
– Purchase of shelters and buildings
If you wish to survive in the post-apocalyptic world with zombies and other mutants, then come to us, here you will find your way, traveler.

The NDAZ project represents post-Soviet survival with the events of a zombie apocalypse. You are left completely alone in this harsh world, where hordes of the dead and mutants gloat. Find weapons and equipment, get food and find survivors, united, you can become major traders throughout the mainland, or become bandits and kill people for profit. The game contains firearms, various goods for sale and trade, auctions, a system for renting rooms in protected areas, various quests from NPCs with their own life history! The outcome of the game depends only on you and your decisions!

Have you started playing with us yet? Come in faster and show who is the most tenacious of the tenacious players! The project will delight not only you, but also your friends, who can unite with you in a gang!

Bed Wars Build battle Голодные игры Лаки блоки Моб арена Паркур Пейнтбол Прятки Скай Варс Скайблок ТНТ Ран – MiniGames Minecraft server

MiniGames is the highest online server in Russia and the CIS! There are original mini-games, the ability to put on a hat, use wings and even have your own pet.

Bed Wars Build battle Голодные игры Моб арена Паркур Скай Варс Скайблок Сплиф ТНТ Ран

MythicalWorld | Classic Minecraft server

Server description Classic – a classic server without unnecessary mods and plugins for fans of vanilla minecraft. The server is filled with beautiful architectural structures and many interesting mini-games that the physics of Minecraft allows you to implement. If you love vanilla, and at the same time you like exciting mini-games, then this server is for you!

◆ Mythical World
◆ Server site:
◆ VK group:

✔ Stable online
✔ Various builds
✔ Responsive Tech. support

Our servers:
● Classic
● Hi-Tech
● TechMagic
● Magic
● SkyTech
● MiniGames
Mythical World – Your Mythical Universe.


SkyBlock – Minecraft server

Server description PerfectSky is one of the best servers in our project, unique in its kind. It is based on the idea of ​​Sky Block, but unlike the original map, there are many interesting mods here – from industrial-technical to magical. Your task is to develop your island with a minimum of resources at the start. Here you will learn how to do everything from nothing and will be able to prove to everyone that your island is the best. The island’s level system, a huge quest system, events will not let you get bored in the endless expanses of this world. Forward to develop!

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