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BunnyCraft 1.0.5-1.0.9 Minecraft server

1.PvP arena [warp pvp]
7.SHOP [warp shop]
10 bank robbery

We have a server at 0.15.x
Port- 19136

Авто-шахта Кейсы Кит старт Магазин Работы

❤️ / FREE FREE DONAT Minecraft server

Server description ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
BICHMC server on version 1.8 – 1.13.2

– FREE donation / aid
– Filmed by YouTubers: Hades, Vladus, Demaster and others!
– VERY CHEAP donation and NO cheating
– Very large online, over 1000 people!
– Server WITHOUT lags!

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PvP Craft Grief ..x Minecraft server

Hello Dear Friend! I invite you to the PvP Craft Server Complex of versions 0.14.X-1.1. X
Here you will find a lot of interesting things. I will not list everything, but I will voice some:
Servers work around the clock, 24/7 days
Have Auto Mine, Parkour, Clans, Water Park, Addiction
A full-fledged Economy is installed on survival servers. (there is a shop, work) Armor and things of God! And also Weddings, Clans and much more! There is its own Police that will protect you from griefers and cheaters!
The most interesting thing is that we have mini-games. In particular, SkyWars, BedWars, and one more toy. (More will be added gradually)
Cheap donation with its own zest!
And here are the servers themselves:
Port: 19141
Port: 11110
Port: 19132
1.1.x (there is a teleport to mini-games on the server spawn)
Port: 19134
Mini games
IP: 19136 0.14.x
IP: 19132 0.14.x
Vkontakte group: (By the way, there is a competition there now. Rather, take part. The prizes will delight you)

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KelogramServer Minecraft server

Server description Minecraft server KelogramServer!


BadCraft server Minecraft

Description of the server The gates of the server have opened, the path to a new world begins. We are waiting for everyone on our server. At the moment there is survival with a small set of plugins that will allow you to experience a pleasant and convenient gameplay. There is a place for everyone on the vast map, everyone will have the opportunity to experience the role of an adventurer and will be able to conduct research. A properly built technical system allows you to play without interruptions, lags and bugs. In its development, the server chose the path of a tube server with a strong society, balanced economy and the possibility of in-game development

Авто-шахта Кейсы Кит старт Работы

GriefLine server Minecraft

Server description Developers of the “GriefLine” project have made cases on our server,
balanced donation, good anti-cheat.
There will be no READERS on our server! The administration is trying to monitor this.
Server game mode: Grifer!
⎛grif – a unique Minecraft server of the current version of the game,
⎜ in which there are no restrictions.
⎜ The server is positioned as “good optimization, Balanced-minimal donation”
⎜and we are trying to support this slogan.

There are no INadequate players and INappropriate administrators on the server.
The administration tries to hold events, mini-games and donate cases every day. Come and see for yourself!
We hope for a return from you – namely “You”. Do not be lazy and go to the server, because you need to draw conclusions about the server from the real, and not from the description.
If you have read this description of the GriefLine server, please join the server. Good luck with your development!

Antispam Кит старт Магазин Работы

Classic [Survival/Creative] 1.8-1.12.X Minecraft server

Server description‼ Classic [Survival/Creative] 1.8-1.12 +
✅Classic Survival / Creative

Авто-шахта Города Кейсы Кит старт Магазин Питомцы Работы

NyaPlay server Minecraft

Server DescriptionAbout NyaPlay Server
We are a beginner server with a rather interesting history. The project administration is doing everything so that the players do not get bored. We have our own modes, custom plugins and 3D texture packs! There is also a discord server. Friendly administration and server players. Our mission is to bring you the best possible gaming experience! We are waiting for you.
Our servers
An ordinary survival server where you can easily get donations. There are small RPG elements. Build, survive, have fun!
You find yourself in a small Soviet town called Elnikov! Work, earn money, buy apartments, participate in various Events and complete quests!

Авто-шахта Кейсы Кит старт Магазин Питомцы Работы

Varryal Minecraft server

Server description An excellent server for survival alone or with your friends. We do not have mini games, trampolines, auto mines and similar annoying and childish plugins that are not needed at all for survival. Donate does not affect or give an advantage. We are for fair gameplay! Excellent rules will not allow you to do dirt, and the administration will help with your questions. Did you want to return to the old minecraft, when there were no servers that were eager to exhaust your money, when everything was tied to gameplay and players, and not donators? Do you want to feel the old minecraft? If yes, then we are waiting for you and will be glad to every new and old player. We are waiting for everyone!


DestroyCraft server Minecraft

❄ = – = – Welcome to DestroyCraft! – = – = ❄
✒✒ Our IP –
✑✑ Our group in VK –
➯ Discounts for the whole donation (90%)
➯ [Владелец] for only 100 rubles!
➯ No cheating for teams! Everything is working!
➯ On the server are playing: The Best Administration!
➯ Game Currency – $
➯ Clans
➯ Random teleport
➯ Shop – / shop or / warp shop
➯ A beautiful and unique spawn built with your own hands!
➯ Weddings
➯ Parkour
➯ Drugs
➯ And also a convenient menu – / menu
➯ By joining the project team [Получаете халявный донат]✔
Since 2014, our server has been pleasing players with quality and honesty. With us, you can safely play without fear of being deceived. Great online, fast technical support and exciting game – what we guarantee on our project.
You will be able to make new acquaintances, conduct a bunch of surveys on completely different topics, create a sea of ​​warm soulful atmosphere with all the players, and make time here in difficult moments!
• A friendly team of developers and just good friends has been assembled for our favorite players!
• We are trying to make for you an excellent, interesting, and most importantly high-quality project.
• We make changes every day, hourly, every minute, trying to take into account your wishes, even the most unusual ones.
✔ High guarantees in the purchase of donation ➉
✔ The server is time-tested! A bunch of satisfied donators ❤
✔ Best Tech Support ⋆
✔ Low prices for Donat ☃
✔ Daily updates ッ

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