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⭐MarvelousCraft⭐ Minecraft server

➾➾ Website for buying donations –
➳➳ IP –
➾➾ Discord:
➯ Donate does not provide benefits.
➯ No cheating for teams! Everything is working!
➯ Game Currency – $
➯ Auctions
➯ Clans
➯ New enchantments
➯ Random teleport
➯ Shop – right on the spawn
➯ A beautiful spawn built with your own hands!
➯ Chopping trees with one blow
➯ And also a convenient menu – / menu
➯ Help – / help
✔ High guarantees in the purchase of donation ➉
✔ Best Tech Support ⋆
✔ Your ideas can and will be realized☃

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⚜️ KingCube ⚜️ Real 1.16 WITHOUT WIPES Minecraft server

Tired of schoolchildren with admin panels? Do you want to play calmly without being disturbed?
You found what you need.

The main world 1.16.1, intense survival, with some bonuses in the form of skills and enchantments, all on an equal footing. There are 8 sets available, and 3 private 1 000 000 blocks.
There is also a separate world of creativity 1.16.1.

Antispam Floodprotect Авто-шахта Кейсы Кит старт Магазин Магия Питомцы Работы Minecraft server

Our server has everything! From free privileges (/ hack) to weddings in Minecraft! What can I say – join! Well, what if I say that there is no cheating for donation on our server? And if I say that even in the morning there is more online here than on any other server!
Port: 19132

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❤️ EPICMC SURVIVAL / SKYBLOCK / MG ❤️ Minecraft server

Server owner “сервера EPICMC SURVIVAL / SKYBLOCK / MG ❤️” has not added a description yet. If this is your server, add a description to it in your account.

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⭐ QWIX (version: 1.0.x – 1.12.x) ⭐ Minecraft server

Start playing SoulCraft now!
/ code vk – free coins

VK group:

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WorldMandia Minecraft server

=============================================== ==================
Hi, I see you are interested in this server, let me tell you about it!
================================================== ================
The server runs on version 1.9-1.16.x (but I advise you to log in from the latest version)
================================================== ================
You can even look at the world like a god, look here:
================================================== ================
There is a PVP zone on this server (be careful there)
================================================== ================
There are even new crafts (you can find out in the ds server), levels for mobs and talismans!
================================================== ================

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⭐ EnergieMC Games ⭐ Cases for Beginners ▶ / free Minecraft server

EnergieMC server on version 1.8 – 1.12.2 – 1.16.2 ❤️

A project with a cool PVP system, good anti-cheat and experienced administration.
Create your own clan and advance it to the TOP of murders!

10 cases as a Gift for every newbie! ❤️

Open cases, win at MobArena and just get high!
Play here. You will remember it for a long time, maybe even for a lifetime.

Herobrine comes here at night …
There is no time to get bored at AlphaCraft! ❤️

✅ Clans, arena for hard PVP, as well as top clans

✅ Top players statistics

✅ Mini-games: King of the Hill, Splif, MobArena for 50 waves

✅ Entertainment: parkour, trampolines, club, hangout, fishing, recreation beach, cases

✅ Unique plugins made by our programmers

✅ Good and fair administration

✅ Secret Easter eggs, secrets, hidden gifts

✅ Honest and cheap donation

Dominate, rule and humiliate, come in and take the reward / free! : 3

⚡ IP:

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Millenium ⭐ Minecraft server 1.16.1 Minecraft server

We are creating a cozy server for playing vanilla MInecraft on version 1.16.1.
Join our community!

– loyal administration
– various mini-games
– donate groups
– skill leveling system
– Discord channel

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My friends server Minecraft server

Classic survival with extended functionality. The most is for playing with friends. Transport, clans, ATMs, friendly admins and a funny atmosphere. Join us!

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BunnyCraft 1.0.5-1.0.9 Minecraft server

1.PvP arena [warp pvp]
7.SHOP [warp shop]
10 bank robbery

We have a server at 0.15.x
Port- 19136

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