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Gates of Order Minecraft server

Gates of Order is a political server in the game Minecraft, the main idea of ​​which is that players get at their disposal tools that allow them to create a state and culture that is unique or borrowed from world history or information environment. Thanks to the Armourer’s Workshop mod, server players can create their own skins for armor, weapons and blocks and share them among themselves and other players. The server supports the ability to download ready-made skins in real time. The gameplay is designed for detailed state building without wipes – abandoned and depleted territories are professionally ruined by the hands of the server team, so you can unearth the server’s history like archaeologists in real life

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[Partizan Crew ] Minecraft server

Survival with nice plugins

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FunFair 1.12-1.16 Minecraft server



| Version 1.12 – 1.16.1 |


✔ Game Currency


✔ Cases with donation

✔Random teleport

✔Shop Interface – / shop

✔Mob Arena

✔Pvp Arena

✔ convenient menu – / menu




✔ Good Administration

✔ Low prices for Donat


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⭐MarvelousCraft⭐ Minecraft server

➾➾ Website for buying donations –
➳➳ IP –
➾➾ Discord:
➯ Donate does not provide benefits.
➯ No cheating for teams! Everything is working!
➯ Game Currency – $
➯ Auctions
➯ Clans
➯ New enchantments
➯ Random teleport
➯ Shop – right on the spawn
➯ A beautiful spawn built with your own hands!
➯ Chopping trees with one blow
➯ And also a convenient menu – / menu
➯ Help – / help
✔ High guarantees in the purchase of donation ➉
✔ Best Tech Support ⋆
✔ Your ideas can and will be realized☃

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[Partizan Crew ] Minecraft server

Survival with nice plugins

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MaybeAlone Minecraft Server

The server was created for a comfortable game!
At the moment we have no donations. The server is located on the most powerful hardware at the moment! Just opened. And created with the support of the channel: MaybeAlone

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STACK COMMUNITY Minecraft server

Why is it worth playing on STACK? We support emerging players | We distribute donation and various privileges | Choose what you want to do, and we will support you. Do you want to be a fisherman? Get the special FISHERMAN privilege for FREE. Do you want to go into the garden? You are welcome! Let’s give you the privilege too!

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⭐ ⭐ Minecraft server

The owner of the server “⭐ ⭐” has not added a description yet. If this is your server, add a description to it in your account.

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⚜️ KingCube ⚜️ Real 1.16 WITHOUT WIPES Minecraft server

Tired of schoolchildren with admin panels? Do you want to play calmly without being disturbed?
You found what you need.

The main world 1.16.1, intense survival, with some bonuses in the form of skills and enchantments, all on an equal footing. There are 8 sets available, and 3 private 1 000 000 blocks.
There is also a separate world of creativity 1.16.1.

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IventWorld [1.16.2] Minecraft server

Description of the server I present to your attention a new Minecraft server!
On our server you can find:
Survival (many more modes in the future)
Interesting plugins
Rigid selection of the administration, which will monitor your safety and immersion in the game

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