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FunFair 1.12-1.16 Minecraft server



| Version 1.12 – 1.16.1 |


✔ Game Currency


✔ Cases with donation

✔Random teleport

✔Shop Interface – / shop

✔Mob Arena

✔Pvp Arena

✔ convenient menu – / menu




✔ Good Administration

✔ Low prices for Donat


Кейсы Кит старт

MaybeAlone Minecraft Server

The server was created for a comfortable game!
At the moment we have no donations. The server is located on the most powerful hardware at the moment! Just opened. And created with the support of the channel: MaybeAlone

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⭐ ⭐ Minecraft server

The owner of the server “⭐ ⭐” has not added a description yet. If this is your server, add a description to it in your account.

Авто-шахта Кейсы Кит старт Магазин Работы

♥ Lightfex Classic Grief | CHOOSE US! ♥ Minecraft server

[Кейсы, мобы, скупщик, магазин, арбалеты, незеритовая броня, рабочие механизмы]

The best server for gryfering!

Авто-шахта Кейсы Кит старт Магазин Работы

LyaPix – Your Minecraft PE server! Minecraft server

Server DescriptionLyaPix – Newcomer to the MC: PE game server industry.

Cool clans, enchanted items, turning into mobs, parkour, weddings, interesting survival and the possibility of Griffering!
We work on a project every day and strive to do everything for you. Join us, we will make the game as comfortable and fun as possible together!

We will be glad to see you among our regular players!

Antispam Floodprotect Авто-шахта Кейсы Кит старт Магазин Магия Питомцы Работы Minecraft server

Our server has everything! From free privileges (/ hack) to weddings in Minecraft! What can I say – join! Well, what if I say that there is no cheating for donation on our server? And if I say that even in the morning there is more online here than on any other server!
Port: 19132

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# HAKERCRAFT # Minecraft server

The owner of the “# HAKERCRAFT #” server has not yet added a description. If this is your server, add a description to it in your account.

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DuckCraft Minecraft server

✺ DuckCraft ✺
Game server Minecraft: PE 1.1.X
Cool Survival with Auctions, Weddings, Clans, Skills, Cool pvp and tube atmosphere
Server communication:
Donate site:
Vk group:
Port: 15132

Кейсы Работы

Chill-Craft Minecraft server

Chill-Craft Survival Tube Server
Hello Friend! This is the Chill-Craft server.
There is a lot of interesting and funny things!
Of course, good admins at the moment and a lot of gadgets! There is a pretty nice spawn and even parkour!
There are economy, auction, pvp arena, anti-relog and a special plugin for IDisgue donators! Also, at the moment, the first 7 people are given a free donation or a case of their choice! There are even jobs and trampolines! In addition, the creator is on the server every day and is always ready to help! In general, you will not get bored here! Come in

You are welcome

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MaybeCraft server Minecraft
The administration of our project tried very hard to do everything they could! At the moment, one mode is open on the server, this is grief survival!
Not sure what grief survival is? These are large-scale clan battles, a rare wipe (3-4 months from the first to the second wipe), griffing with pistons, traps, killing a dragon, loot of all types of generations, an auction, a lot of donations and functions for them, cases with currency, donation, prefixes, Olympic games, practical jokes, fun! Further more. Each plugin has been disassembled and translated to the smallest detail. We are exactly the project that does not mind the money for the prosperity of the server! Only here you will see the best anti-cheat and administration monitoring all cheaters! Tired of dying from cheaters and losing things because of it? Record your battles on video, show the administration, and return the lost items and watch how they ban the nasty cheat! Would you like to test yourself as a server helper? In our group, you can leave a request, as well as you can link your account, recognize every login to the server, change your password, log in for additional protection, receive pleasant bonuses and much more.
Playing on the server with your friends, you have even more opportunities!
Don’t have friends to play minecraft? Come to our discord server! Only here you can listen to nice music, find people to play on the server and even become a discord server helper! Beware of the cheating griefers! Have a nice game!

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