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QuietBerry | Hell, Ender World | REDSTONE server Minecraft

Server description -> responsive Administration, which will listen to your requests, complaints and suggestions, because working with players is one of the most important for us!
-> Netherite Items
-> Clans
-> Fireworks
-> Cases with items
-> NPCs on spawn
-> Comfortable whales
-> Ender-world by command / ender
-> Clicker to make money.
-> Own system of shops with optimal prices.
-> want to go to hell with other players? It is possible with us!
-> are you a great PVP player? Welcome to the PVP arena near the spawn!
-> We have no lags!
-> Unusual auto mine
-> Well, what about without ordinary survival in a really beautiful world
I think at least something from this list interested you, so come in, we are waiting for you!

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NyaPlay server Minecraft

Server DescriptionAbout NyaPlay Server
We are a beginner server with a rather interesting history. The project administration is doing everything so that the players do not get bored. We have our own modes, custom plugins and 3D texture packs! There is also a discord server. Friendly administration and server players. Our mission is to bring you the best possible gaming experience! We are waiting for you.
Our servers
An ordinary survival server where you can easily get donations. There are small RPG elements. Build, survive, have fun!
You find yourself in a small Soviet town called Elnikov! Work, earn money, buy apartments, participate in various Events and complete quests!

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RADOS MC 1.15.2 Minecraft server

The owner of the RADOS MC 1.15.2 server has not yet added a description. If this is your server, add a description to it in your personal account.

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OwnHub server Minecraft

Server description ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
OwnHub – Minecraft server (1.9 – 1.15.2)

– 40 New, unique biomes
– Magic, magic wands and new types of arrows
– New types of monsters and a boss in the castle
– Jobs, quests for professions
– Unique achievements
– New crafting of armor and weapons.
– Purchase, rent of apartments and buildings.
– Auction and balanced economy
– Clans, friends and groups
– Daily rewards
– Medals
– Referral system
– Custom banners

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Creative + Build – Minecraft server

Build – Each player receives a creative. The player has access to his raft. The size of the raft is 150×150. On it you can build beautiful castles, cars and whatever your heart desires. You can invite your friends and build together. Happy construction.

Города Магия Minecraft server

Server description Minecraft server version 1.12.2 “Aspera” is a PvP server with a focus on adventure, relatively difficult survival, magic and alchemy. 40+ new monsters, team dungeons, especially dark nights, mini-blocks and more.

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Elder Lords Online Minecraft server

Elder Lords Online is an MMORPG in Minecraft!

Dungeons, quests, skills, levels – we have it all.

We are a young project and we really need an audience, now we are trying to actively help players and encourage especially active ones.

Already on the server there are two dungeons, six levels of pumping, many items and unique items that drop from bosses.

We try to introduce new content daily – stay with us and stay tuned for upcoming major updates.

We plan to introduce guilds and wars for territories, new dungeons, quests and items.


— NeoPolitics — Minecraft server

Are you looking for non-standard and non-vanilla survival on the server, and crave more? Then we advise you to consider our server. The server has the Towny plugin, a great community and responsive administration. The server does not stand still and is developing. You can create your own city, there is no such thing as a privat, only cities and nations. For the city you need to pay taxes for the game currency. To develop trade routes, build beautiful Cities, arrange events, Olympic games and everything that comes to your mind as a ruler. Welcome to us!

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Guilds, auction, economy! Minecraft server

Tired of the same type of server?

We have a unique server! Thought out the economy.
There are guilds, tops, an auction, a store and everything for a pleasant game!

Waiting for you with us!
Port: 19132

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McForces RPG server (id248863) Minecraft server

TownForces – Server with cities, clans and RPG elements from the McForces project. Our server is dedicated to pretty harsh survival survival with some nice features.
Have you always wanted to play your roles? Did you want to conduct diplomatic relations between cities? Wanted to travel the world of minecraft?
Then you on the MCForces project! MCForces is a project where you can fulfill your dreams! We don’t have any distributions of items or game statuses, we focus on the adequate interaction of players within the game world, where everyone can find something to their liking.
Admission to our project is completely free. Come in now!

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