Pvp Без вайпов Без доната Без дюпа Без лаунчера Без привата Ванильные Выживание Пиратские Пустые Русские

FSGS Project Vanilla Minecraft Server

Vanilla server without private on the latest version 1.16.1.
Adequate administration, almost always online.
Wipe was today (07/16)

1000 лвл 127 лвл Fly Pvp Roleplay Анархия Без дюпа Бесплатная админка Большой онлайн Ванильные Выживание Гриф Донат Ивенты Кланы Пиратские Приват Русские Свадьбы Хардкор Экономика

MineLegend (1.12.2) Survival | Minecraft server Minecraft

Hello! On our server there are several modes Greyfreedom and Survival
AntiCHit, Buyer, Unique Items, PVP, Lumberjack, etc. are installed on our servers

Pvp Roleplay Whitelist Без вайпов Без доната Без дюпа Без лаунчера Без привата Ванильные Выживание Ивенты Пиратские Свадьбы Экономика

Triangle Minecraft Server

▲ What is a Triangle?
Triangle is an original project based on a vanilla Minecraft server and complete freedom of action on it. Just remember that your freedom ends where the freedom of the other player begins. Our servers have RULES and LAWS. Breaking the rules, namely: To be an adequate player, not to grimace, not to interfere with other players to enjoy the game, you will be banned forever without a court. Violating the laws that the server government adopts, you will be tried in real life.


▲ Official website:
[Для игры, вам необходимо купить пропуск на нашем сайте]

▲ IP server:
Minecraft Login Version: OptiFine 1.15.2


▲ We hope to see you soon on our server! Com!

Pvp Roleplay Анархия Без дюпа Без лаунчера Ванильные Выживание Гриф Донат Ивенты Кланы Пиратские Хардкор Экономика

⚡ HVS 1.12.2-1.16.X ⚡ Anarchy ⚡ Mini-games! Minecraft server

Server description The server on which you will find many mini-games, such as: Skywars, Bedwars, Buildbattle, MurderMistery, Arcade games, as well as such servers as: PrivateVanila and Anarchy. On it you will not see donations that give a clear advantage. We do not have um, fly, etc. The server recently opened and bugs are actively fixed. Take part in the search for bugs and get a donut! A unique stream system, and much more is waiting for you to come to us and make sure of it!

Pvp Анархия Без дюпа Ванильные Выживание Донат Кланы Пиратские Приват Русские Экономика

❤️ DivineCraft ❤️ WiP SkyBlock ❤️ BrawlStars ❤️ Minecraft server

DivineCraft is the fastest growing Minecraft project. Join us by IP address:
With us you can have fun on such modes as: BrawlStars, Creative, SkyWars, BedWars, Anarchy, CrazyWars, BuildBattle and many others.

Classic Pve Whitelist Без PVP Без дюпа Без привата Ванильные Выживание Кланы Пиратские Русские Тюрьма Экономика


We have revived the vanilla server RU-MINE 1.16.1.
A server where there are no privates and griefs, a tube atmosphere and a pleasant community are already waiting for you!

To get to the server you need to go to the channel and get acquainted with the information in the discord.

Link to the discord –

Pve Pvp Rpg Без дюпа Без лаунчера Ванильные Выживание Кланы Пиратские Приват Пустые Русские Хардкор Экономика

Fl-Play MCJuice PVP Clan-War Server Minecraft Server

Description of the server MCJuice is the legendary MMORPG server Fl-Play, which in 2012-2016 was the most popular on the project and this is its resurrection!

A new, updated old good juice, with its indescribable lamp atmosphere, a farm of sockets and legendary things, the development of skills that improve your ability to survive. Fight side by side next to your faithful clan members for power over the whole world! A spawn converted from scratch will delight you with the presence of NPC merchants who will soon be able to give quests, the metro laid throughout the server will take you to your destination in a short time, daily rewards will delight you on your way to glory and power.

Kill mobs, improve skills, get the most deadly weapons, capture the entire server!

Classic Без доната Без дюпа Ванильные Выживание Экономика

CoronaCraft Survival 1.15.2 Minecraft Server

Our server assumes the most classic vanilla survival, which will appeal to both beginners and experienced players.
We will not hide, there are plugins on the server, but they DO NOT in any way change the existing original gameplay, they are mainly needed to control the server.
Without donut. On our server, all players are equal to each other.
Without a whale start and freebies. You start the game with the spawn completely empty.

Classic Pvp Без дюпа Без привата Ванильные Выживание Гриф Кланы Пиратские Экономика

DestinyWorld Minecraft Server

Description of the server DestinyWorld is the place where you can fully enjoy the delights of minecraft as it should be. On the server there are only the most necessary additions that will only add a pleasant aftertaste. The main features can be distinguished – the complete absence of privates, an expanded economy, clans, a large map, an adult audience. Let us set our framework for the ideal, and begin our story, go together for our destiny!

Fly Pvp Без дюпа Без лаунчера Большой онлайн Ванильные Выживание Донат Ивенты Кланы Пиратские Приват Русские Свадьбы Тюрьма Экономика

Micelium project Version 1.15.2 Minecraft server

Description of the server Micelium Project – a project created for everyone. This is a place where you can get a lot of positive, make new friends, participate in interesting events or just relax from the hustle and bustle.

This is a server with adequate administration, which communicates with the players on an equal footing, monitors the stability of the server, and in case of rare problems restores everything.

On our server you will find three modes:

Survival Classic is an honest and reliable survival with a balanced economy, where the mined and built by you does not disappear due to grippers, bugs or a sudden wipe. Also in the mode, you can purchase a donat and fly for game currency, and also get a charge of positive and pleasure at ongoing events and when playing paintball!

Obsidian SkyBlock – a mode that will not leave indifferent all skyblock lovers! An interesting development of the island’s levels, high-quality plugins and great functionality! (closed beta test before opening)

Ultra Survival – a mode for those who seek non-standard survival and are not afraid of difficulties! In mode, the neck is allowed and there is a lot of functionality in the form of interesting plugins. (in developing)

We are sure that the time spent on the server will leave you with a lot of bright and warm memories!

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