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Potato Minecraft server

The server runs exclusively on minecraft version 1.15
Completely vanilla server with griffin permission!

Pvp Без вайпов Без доната Без привата Ванильные Выживание Ивенты Квесты Пиратские Пустые Русские

PelmeshTime! Minecraft server

Minecraft server (1.16.1) with a unique game mode.
We give the first 20 participants in VK a unique prefix!
An ordinary game world with loot boxes, traps and dangers, which, by the way, are made by hand!
Also, the world has a very small border. At the beginning 500×500, then more and more, as the existing territory is destroyed.
Also, the first time there will be more events and those will be easier.

Hurry up! Hehe)

Classic Pvp Roleplay Без привата Выживание Донат Свадьбы Экономика

WhiteCloudMC Minecraft server

Our server was created to maintain a good mood of users and return players’ interests to minecraft! As well as attracting new users! We also have the official website of the WhiteCloud server! We value our clients and members! Group in VK and Discord! Always Glade:)

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WickedCraft Minecraft server

Vanilla server on version 1.15.2, minimal donation, a free world without private (but a ban on griffoning), there are plugins for interaction between players, a quest system is being developed. The admins are responsive and respond quickly to violations, as well as listen to possible suggestions for improving the server. Who likes quiet survival – welcome:

Roleplay Whitelist Без вайпов Без доната Без дюпа Без лаунчера Без привата Ванильные Выживание Ивенты Экономика

LASTGOD / 1000+ NEW Achievements! Minecraft server

Our server is vanilla survival with additional RP plugins such as:
Various vehicles, new weapons and economy.
We have 1000+ new achievements!
Excellent TPN, no lags!
Develop, win back rp, etc.

You can enter the server for free, you just need to submit an application to the VK group.

Без привата Ванильные Выживание Русские

SpaceLand server Minecraft

Private server minecraft. No unnecessary plugins and very good optimization. We have a whitelist, it is in our VK. You can find a link to it here somewhere. We listen to our players and make the game as comfortable as possible.

Roleplay Whitelist Без вайпов Без привата Ванильные Выживание Пиратские Русские

JavaVanil Minecraft server

We present a private server where you can relax after a hard day. Our efforts are aimed at creating a tube atmosphere on the server.

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MineHarmony – Private Minecraft Server

Server description On MineHarmony you will find adequate players, pleasant communication and responsive administration!

Subscribe to and get the opportunity to play on the server without any restrictions!

Classic Pvp Анархия Без привата Ванильные Выживание Гриф Донат Пиратские Русские

GwynCraft server Minecraft

Server description No private, complete anarchy, a minimum of unnecessary plugins. Survival on a vanilla version of minecraft 1.16.1. The fretboard is allowed – this is one of the components of the server!

Без дюпа Без привата Ванильные Выживание Пиратские Экономика

EvolutionMC Minecraft server

EvolutionMc – Almost vanilla Minecraft server, with RP elements. Server version: 1.16.1! The server has a friendly atmosphere, sociable players! To get to the server, you need to submit an application on the Discord server:

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