DREAD TRAVELS ON THE RUN, and THINGS THAT HAPPEN WHEN YOU’RE NOT ON THE TRAIL. The world begins to change for DREAD, and we’ll find out what happens when everyone gets their very own special car on our road trip, featuring a full-size Ford Explorer, two full size Volkswagen Beetles,

Minecraft – I fly a lot

I fly a lot, but my flight skills aren’t quite up to par. I’m a bit rusty on the approach when you need to approach from a different angle, so I need to work on my own techniques to get the aircraft in a straight line with the runway.

Worst channel on Minecraft

Welcome to the worst channel on YouTube. Here’s to hoping for a happy and productive life 🙂 “You cannot play a game without taking a gamble and winning at least once. Even if you fail, it’s still worth it to learn the craft and to find something new that you

RiP Ship Enterprise

Enterprise ship gets obliterated on Minewind by hostile alien forces, leaving only a black hole. Meanwhile, in the Andromeda’s own system, a group of Earth scientists is attempting to discover if or when there is life beyond Earth. Unfortunately, the ship is destroyed in combat. One survivor is the newly-arrived

Best way to farm rare items on Minewind

Loot any legendary weapon or drop any rare item on the farm. This is not necessarily a permanent route though it’s a great addition to your progression. For more tips and advice about farming Legendary items, watch the video above or read this article. There’s almost no need for farming