Minewind – 2 Legends Clash

Unforgettable Minecraft battle took place between Mobs and the players for the 2nd time! The 3rd time it happened the Mobs were so strong that the players had to retreat, and this second time we played the battle of the gods. The players were the last to survive. We played for 5 hours and finally we managed to win.

– The battle of the Gods:

Our biggest problem was that we could not find a good map. It was our first time playing the battle of the gods and we could not find anything better on the server. It was not so much about the players skill but the map!

Our biggest concern was, did we lose to the Mobs in the beginning. We would like to blame our own poor map preparation, but in fact, we had played in similar maps before (Mobs vs the Gods): 1v1 for almost 1year, our map had been improved to some degree before starting the fight (we would be able to choose between 3 different maps)

To make it easy for us it was decided that everyone would choose one

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