Azure Tea Party Massacre ( Not really but here is some fun moments )

it is also a source of grief for me. Not that I am ever a fan of that thing, but what pisses me off more than anything else is that anyone could watch this and think it was funny. I mean, they could, but no one does that. It’s all just… kind of… crass.

There’s also this “I was just trying to be funny” thing in there somewhere. That makes me so bitter. I mean, really? Everyone just laughed… the dude who did this just got shot over his dick? I have no fucking idea. People laughing, he was just fucking a girl over. Not only that, he was fucking a guy over over his dick?! That’s all they were laughing at, and then he just gets shot, no one says anything?

Seriously? Like, was that your idea, just throwing in a fucking joke here and there?

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